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Welcome to our website!

Who we are

Tamvakis Law firm was founded in Thessaloniki in 1975 by Konstantinos Tamvakis. Since then it has developed into a modern Law Office specializing in Greek and EU Law

How we work

The Office consists of several Legal Departments and operates under a role distribution system. Each Department is made up of a team of highly specialized and performance driven Associates. This method allows us to perform our tasks in a professional and yet cost efficient way.

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We serve all your needs

Business & Financial Law Expertise

Select our Office to be the solution for your Legal Representation needs.
By combining a fundamental understanding of the Legal System with the complexity of modern day transactions, our Lawyers provide proactive solutions to a variety of clients.
Our Firm is involved in some of the most innovative, complicated and complex affairs in Thessaloniki.
We have been practicing Law for years with countless successful cases in our resume.
For an indicative list of services read below.
For a list of advanced services click "More Services" button.

Justice Scale

Judicial Representation

Our Experience

  1. More than 30 years of Legal Experience

  2. Judicial representation in all Court levels leading up to the Supreme Court

  3.   Representation before all Civil and Criminal Greek Courts

  4. Extensive Greek and EU case law research

  5.  Legal representation before all Public Authorities such as Ministries, Regions etc.

  6. Legal representation before all Legal Entities of Greek Private & Public Law

Legal Aid

Out of Court Services

What we offer

  1. Mediation  (Banking, Family, Urban, Commercial)

  2. Data Protection (GDPR) / Compliance Check by Certified DPOs

  3. Translation & Document Validation

  4. Protection of Inventions and Industrial designs

  5. Legal Analysis & Opinions

  6. Drafting Private Agreements

  7. Case study in Greek & European Law

  8. Legal Advice in Real Estate Market

Do you have a Legal Issue not addressed here?
Do not hesitate to contact us

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"Excellent Legal advice! Very Professional and helpful team! Highly recommended!"

Stella Kelemouridou, Radiology Center Kelemouridis

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"Their Legal Advice has helped the growth of our business by providing us accurate and detailed information!"

Kapetaniou Xristina, Kapetanios Underwear SA

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"We operate in a very competitive business that is in need of expert advice. We are very satisfied with their services in various sectors such as Legal Representation and Data Protection."

Mousiadis Theodoros, Park Hotel SA

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Get in Touch

Thank you for visiting the Tamvakis Law Firm site. We intend to provide general information, which should not be construed as legal advice at all. If you are looking for advice on a specific matter, you are encouraged to contact us directly. We strongly advise you to not disclose personal or confidential information until an attorney-client relationship has been established.

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